About W&H

Meet the Witch & Heathen...
We are the Vaerenhalls! We set out to start W&H with the intention of making their own home more magickal and filled with good intent. We quickly realized that this had the potential to be so much more, and took a leap of faith that our small business could grow into something that witches from all walks and ways of practicing could enjoy and utilize.
We founded our business in October of 2019, and have been so happy to walk this path with you all. We are solitary Pagans who have invited the Norse and Greek pantheons into our lives, and continue to be inspired by the historical rituals dedicated to them. Our candles and other goods are crafted in small batches by us, never manufactured. Our crystals are ethically sourced, our herbs are locally purchased at our favorite apothecary.  Every piece we make is crafted with intention and love, spelled for you and your home to create a more open environment to magick.
We love what we do, and we love what we make. Our hope is that you'll feel that too when you invite a Witch & Heathen item into your home.